Computing Instances

Get started with our computing instances.

Create Nodeship Account

In order to deploy your first compute instance, you will have to register an account with us, to register an new account at Nodeship all you have to do is

  • Create a new account from here

  • Verify your email address

  • Add additional billing information related to your account

  • Add funds to your account (This will be used to charge your account against your active services)

  • *Optional* If your account triggers our anti-fraud system then you may need to go through additional verification process.

Deploy your first computing instance

Follow these steps to deploy your first computing instances:

  • Click "Deploy New Service" then select "Computing Instance" from the list.

  • Select an appropriate instance configuration according to your need.

  • Configure your instance by entering an nick name for it, a nickname is used to identify your instance.

  • Enter an valid hostname for your instance. Example:

  • Click continue and then click complete order.

Your instance should now be available in your dashboard, and should boot up within few minutes.

Connect to your compute instance

To connect by using a terminal on Linux, macOS, or Windows Subsystem for Linux:

  1. Open terminal and, enter ssh username@your_instance_ip

  2. Press ENTER and answer yes to the prompt that confirms the connection.

  3. Enter your password when prompted.

Windows users can alternatively connect with PuTTY.

Managing your instance

You can manage your Nodeship instance easily by visiting the Manage Service section in your dashboard then click on the service you wish to manage.

Delete compute instance

You can delete your compute instance any time by clicking the Destroy Instance button.

NOTE: This action can't be undone, so make sure you know what you are doing

Resize your instance

You can scale (resize) your instance anytime by click the Resize Instance button from your instance's management section. Once you resize your instance you will be billed the new hourly pricing from the next billing hour.